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Second-year undergraduate network and telecommunications engineering student at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Cloud/DevOps, Quantum Computing, and Cybersecurity enthusiast. I am a serious, dynamic individual who is eager to take on new challenges.

Outside of academics, I'm a system administrator and tutor at ACM INSAT and a technical team member of Securinets, biggest Cybersecurity university club in Tunisia, where I collaborate with the team to organize Cybersecurity workshops and host capture-the-flag events. With more than 6 CTF events this year alone including the National Cybersecurity Congress, and Securiday Quals CTF which one of the most prestigious, and anticipated CTF events worldwide weighing 80 per CTFTime. This allowed me to develop a think-out-of-the-box mindset, stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the cybersecurity world, and being adventurous!

Additionally, I'm a Binary exploitation, OSINT, and MISC player with some understanding of Reverse Engineering and Forensics at Team SOter14, a gathering of like-minded people who share my passion for Cybersecurity challenges. Our team is highly motivated, serious, and constantly pushing ouselves to improve our skills. We are ranking first locally and TOP 50 globally! I have come a long way since I started playing CTFs, and I am proud of what we have achieved so far. I love the spirit of the team and the way we work together to solve challenges.

My enthusiasm for DevOps and Cloud computing is fueled by my desire to learn new technologies, and my end-of-year projects where we collaborated to build a multi-container web application and deployed it all on Azure Kubernetes Service, we also implemented a CI/CD pipeline, and logging and monitoring solutions.

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    Founded in 2003, Securinets is the largest cybersecurity association and community in Tunisia.

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    Securinets CTFs

    A placeholder for future and past CTF events organized by Securinets. Currently teasing for Securiday!

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    The first official ACM Student Chapter in North Africa. We are a community of students and professionals who are passionate about technology.

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    Team SOter14

    We are a Cybersecurity CTF Team Founded in 2022 by INSAT Students, Ranked 1st in Tunisia and Top 50 Worldwide.

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    2nd Year Network Engineering at INSAT

    Coursework include: Kubernetes / Cloud / Deep Learning and ML / Realtime Systems / Distributed Systems / Networks / Signals / Image Processing / Big Data / BI.


  • Microsoft AZ-104

    Manage Azure identities and governance; implement and manage storage; deploy and manage Azure compute resources; configure and manage virtual networking; and monitor and maintain Azure resources.

  • Associate Cloud Engineer

    Google Cloud ACE: Fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud.

  • Microsoft SC-200

    Security operations analysts monitor, identify, investigate, and respond to threats in multicloud environments.

  • Microsoft AZ-900

    Foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure.

  • SC-900

    Fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services.

  • IBM Associate Developer

    Quantum Computing using Qiskit: Experience using the Qiskit SDK from the Python programming language to create and execute quantum computing programs on IBM Quantum computers and simulators.



  1. University school of the arts

    2007 — 2008

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  2. New york academy of art

    2006 — 2007

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  3. High school of art and design

    2002 — 2004

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  1. Creative director

    2015 — Present

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  2. Art director

    2013 — 2015

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  3. Web designer

    2010 — 2013

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My skills

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • WordPress




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